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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I am not happy with your proofreading service?

    You can request a free revision if it is something minor or ask for a refund in case you see some major problems (it is rare in our experience).

  • What types of dissertations do you check?

    We cover the majority of subjects and types usually met in the UK and abroad. Just share your instructions and let our experts provide you with immediate assistance.

  • I am an ESL student. Can you assist me in fixing my mistakes?

    Of course, we can! Just place your order and let us improve your grammar as we proofread it to make every idea sound confident and clear!

  • Does my proofreading expert have a relevant background in my subject?

    You can choose your dissertation editor based on the field. Moreover, you can contact any editor on our list and choose the one that fits your requirements.

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Three Main Benefits of Approaching Dissertation Proofreading Services

The dissertation represents one of the most challenging and time-consuming aspects, which is editing and proofreading. Even though you may be a skilled student, it is always good to have another pair of eyes of a person who can check your content and evaluate your writing in terms of clarity, repetitions, grammar, style, spelling, and more. Since the majority of mistakes are done accidentally due to your time concerns, you may just miss some typos or those parts that have already been included.

Here are three main benefits to consider when approaching our dissertation proofreading services:

— You Can Polish Your Grammar. It starts with commas and pronouns to the use of passive voice and prepositions. Our professional dissertation editor will ensure that your text has no typos or spelling mistakes.

— Your Academic Style is Improved. It is one of the most important aspects as your writing is fixed in terms of appropriate wording and style to match the dissertation writing level. It will also include formatting, academic style patterns, and meeting the rules regarding quotes and appendixes.

— You Receive Professional Proofreading Tips. Regardless of your subject, every student requires some notes and recommendations when working with thesis proofreading or approaching the methodology part.

Most importantly, you will improve the readability of your dissertation, which will help to make the complex parts easier for comprehension.

The Process of Dissertation Proofreading

As we are planning to check your dissertation’s grammar, spelling, style, and formatting, we also ask you for academic instructions or anything where you may have certain requirements from your academic advisor. Our task is to provide you with the best dissertation proofreading UK style and meet all the quality benchmarks. Here are some steps that we cover:

  • Grammar. We fix the mistakes like typos and style errors that affect the command of English that help to set the native speaker apart from the ESL student.
  • Formatting. We keep your written content according to the best standards of dissertation writing as we check every sentence.
  • Style. Once the writing mechanics part is finished, we continue with the editing of your dissertation in terms of style and clarity. When you type something like proofread my dissertation to our support team, it means that you will receive a fully readable paper that stands out.
  • Structure. We shall always check the dissertation structure according to your subject and the original requirements.
  • Improvement of Scientific Value. Since your dissertation will be checked by an expert, it means that your content will include analysis and evaluation of the scientific value. In simple terms, your dissertation will be improved with clearer wording as some explanatory sentences will be added to make your style better and more professional.

What makes our dissertation proofreading services safe is checking the quotes and the citing rules, which will help you to avoid plagiarism and increase the originality level. Since the majority of a dissertation will include a synthesis of analysis and the research journals where you have to cite, our experts will paraphrase and cite the external works accordingly by helping you avoid any trouble.

Meet Our Editors

Proofreading a dissertation takes an expert to do it correctly, which is why we check our editors thoroughly, which helps us to provide you with:

  • Only native English speakers.
  • Editors who have passed our writing quality exams.
  • You can talk to your dissertation editor directly.
  • We provide you with specialists in numerous academic fields.
  • Our editors have sufficient experience to improve your dissertation by knowing your subject well.

Remember that working with our specialists, you are adding the custom element to your work, which helps to make it original and avoid plagiarism risks. Keeping things affordable, our dissertation proofreading services UK will help you to get the best grades without costing a fortune!

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