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Any student who’s interested in getting the highest form of education, will work on various assignments of different complexity levels. Have you ever wondered, “What is a dissertation?

Whether you’ve already entered university or only think of getting degree despite it being years away from education current stage, one thing is for sure: you will write dissertation. Such reputable universities as Oxford or less known but equally relevant like University of Surrey all have similar requirements in this regard. So, what is a dissertation and what types does it have?

Dissertation is an in-depth research conducted on specific subject that aims to demonstrate student’s knowledge in selected area, their ability to synthesize and apply information, along with their personal input. When trying to understand dissertation meaning, remember that its essence must be original. Present hypothesis or research question before defending them. There are two types - empirical research and review-type study. In terms of the first one, students are conducting experiment while with the second, they review the existing literature.   

Dissertation and Essay: What’s the Difference?

Now that you know how to define dissertation, it’s important to understand how it differs from other works, such as essays. The difference lies in their size. Essay is something relatively short: it usually takes up to 3000 words (10 pages). Dissertation, on the other hand, is much longer. Mini-studies take about 30-50 pages but more elaborate papers can be as long as 300 pages.

Another difference is work type. Essays presuppose general overview of the topic while dissertations must be as detailed and thorough as possible. In addition, in essays, mostly rely on other sources for research purposes. It presents an essential part of own input. Student chooses the direction of study: do not just pick topic but also put in hypothesis that should be proved or refuted. The reason why most educational establishments require to write essays is so that  students could get some practical skills before engaging in something so meaningful.

Skills Needed for Excelling in Your Dissertation      

What is dissertation proficiency? Keep in mind that professor expects certain set of skills from writing. The majority of them revolve around two things that make this kind of writing so special: personal contribution and credibility.

  • First skill is understanding of interests. Sort through dissertation ideas to choose something one personally interested in. Be as creative as you want — for example, when brainstorming options for History major, pick the history of Guy Fawkes’ Night and modern people’s awareness of its numerous implications and peculiarities. Almost anything can be turned into creative idea that’ll fit the major, but most importantly, choose the thing you’ll enjoy investigating. This way, writing won’t be a chorem but a chance to have great time.     
  • Ability to be concise yet informative. This’ll be evident in how you present proposal. Be very attentive here as professor’s approval depends on whether proposal is engaging and scholarly enough. Write it meticulously or ask dissertation proposal writing service for help.
  • Organisation. Planning is essential, so be meticulous with dissertation layout. Observe every point and sub-point, mention things you’ll be writing about.
  • Understanding of academic principles. What is a dissertation in this regard? It’s a collection of critical thinking skills, writing proficiency, and locate relevant sources, and objectivity. Provide all possible views on issue. Demonstrate all existing perspectives. Stay rational and objective even if initial hypothesis isn’t supported. Use complex language, various sentences types, and most importantly, read sources for your research backbone. They should be credible, which mostly means peer-reviewed academic journals as well as books.
  • Freshness of thought. Even though idea might not be first in its kind, it still should come from you personally, which is evident in both topic and approach. Originality is a key here.

Why Does My Degree Programme Include Dissertation?

If you’ve learned that your specialty will end with writing dissertation, you might be asking yourself, “Why is that?” Common misconception is that only doctoral degrees have this writing task while others are lucky enough to avoid it. Even on an undergraduate level, programme might still include such a requirement. Still wonder why?  

  • It allows showing all knowledge you’ve collected during studies. This’s a basic requirement of most universities for all degrees.  
  • It helps providing knowledge instead of just learning it. You’re bringing something new into your study field. It’s relevant for all programmes, not only for scholarly.
  • It assists in experiencing responsibility that you are bound to face in the future, after being employed. You are almost guaranteed to be assigned various projects, and writing will help plan, outline, as well as execute everything.
  • It expands knowledge in selected sphere considerably. Every uni hopes to have successful students and achieve that by excelling in major.

What Comes After?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve finished project yourself or asked someone else to write your dissertation, once it is done, there’s only one way forward, toward its defence. Present the results orally in front of board of committee members. It’ll be less scary than it sounds. Every paper is supervised by professor, so they’ll help avoid mistakes, making sure that the final project looks great. All other things depend on your confidence.

What happens after that? You get a degree and start searching for employment. Many students, especially if they’re knowledge-driven, face issues with trying to go on with their lives after something as time-consuming and complex as dissertation is finished. They feel drained, unsure what participate in now. Completing it certainly marks a new beginning in life, but don’t let it deter you. Stay true to your goals – you’ll have plenty of other projects to take care of.

Why You Can Entrust Any Paper to EduBirdie

Now that you have learned dissertation definition along with everything it entails, you might be feeling intimidated. Don’t be. Despite it being your personal project, you’ll still have assistance from others. In case if worry doesn’t leave you and you want to make sure that everything is of top quality, use best UK dissertation writing services that EduBirdie provides.

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