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The Ultimate List of Best Universities for Graduate Careers: Global University Employability Ranking 2020-2021

It is not a secret that some universities seem to be the source of the most employable graduates, which helps various specialists and relevant marketing companies to bring up the lists of the best options one can consider when choosing the best college to get employed after graduation. One of them that has been a benchmark of transparency and quality is the Global University Employability Ranking. Speaking of a truly uncertain situation in 2020 and a shady prognosis for 2021, it is still safe to state that going to college or university became more than just entering your career’s road. It also stands for making an educated choice in terms of university’s course that can provide safe and secure post-graduation employment opportunities.

Operated by HR Consultancy Emerging, this listing represents the global employability index, which is also available in print from the Times Higher Education. It helps students and parents to find out which universities represent the ones that are most sought after by the recruiting companies, thus helping graduates earn a better workplace position. Considering that the experts explore over 250 universities and 43 countries all over the world, it already speaks volumes about their voting and selection process. As result, we have employers voting for various institutions both locally and internationally.

Let us not forget that some countries are quite different from what we may be used to, meaning that it is not easy to come across a competitive graduate job even with a diploma. However, some European countries like France, the Netherlands, and Germany also have relevant professional experience as a part of a typical degree course. Currently, the list marks France, Germany, and even China as the countries with the best representation in terms of employability along with those respective entries from the US and the United Kingdom. Of course, countries like Singapore and Japan also have their entries in the current top 10 along with some respectable universities in Canada, which are also ranked high!

Top 10 Best Universities for Graduate Careers in 2020-2021

1. California Institute of Technology

It is not the first time that this particular institution is regarded as one of the safest and varied universities in the world, which makes it a strong favourite among numerous top employers coming from all over the world. It is partially because of the scientific focus and admission on the basis of Maths skills, Science, and Engineering. At the same time, it cannot be said that it is purely technical since some subjects taught at Caltech are quite creative and innovative. What matters, though, is the fundamental knowledge in many fields of Science and Engineering that is offered by the lecturers. They cut no corners and take care to provide students with all the latest, which helps them to approach innovative solutions and still remain within social problems of the modern society.

If we take a quick look at the population of students, we can see that it is also one of the smallest on our list with only 1520 undergraduates and about 1,400 postgraduate students. It has made it possible to create a friendly community where anyone can establish strong bonds and excellent communications between university professors, staff, and the students.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

It needs no introduction with its leading courses and community. The famous MIT is always in the top 5 of the world’s best universities because of its unique career-enhancing courses for undergraduate students and close cooperation with the leaders in various industries. It must be noted that MIT is also famous for community work and communication with the general public. Since it has great public coverage for scientific work and team projects, many companies watch the successful students right from the start and have a great share of involvement in all things college and research.

Finally, MIT students, alumni, and faculty members play a significant role in entrepreneurial innovations and the funded projects. Some examples include computer networks, venture capital transactions, Bitcoin studies, genetic and Biotechnology works. In addition to some technical projects, MIT also cooperates with various environmental protection initiatives.

3. Harvard University

It is safe to say that any list of the best universities would be incomplete without Harvard in it since it is also among the most prestigious educational choices in the United States. What makes it different is that it accepts skilled and intelligent students even if they cannot afford the tuition. You only have to show your readiness to learn and show good results or innovative proposals to be admitted. Just for a second, we have more than 30 heads of state in the country who are Harvard alumni, which is something to be proud of! Moreover, Harvard’s staff can be proud even more since it became the alma mater for 48 Nobel prizewinners and 48 winners of the famous Pulitzer Prize.

Why do employers like it so much? The answer is rather simple: Harvard is among the best universities when it comes to groundbreaking research projects, working outside the box, and turning to innovative solutions that have not been tried before. It is allowing students to take part in various extracurricular activities to support their studies. It is not only sitting in the library or spending hours busy at the lab! It has great entertainment facilities and sports that are also among those skills that help people to become confident and successful!

4.University of Cambridge

While it is hard to find anything more elite and well-known all over the world as Cambridge, one must remember that it dates back to the 13th century and has quite a history to prove its educational methods. It is not surprising that Cambridge graduates are sought after by top companies in various fields of science. It is because every graduate has a wide range of skills acquired due to their specific curriculums and personalized tuition. Unlike many other institutions, every student has a personal tutor and a course that they follow to accomplish exactly what they would like to learn, just enough to meet the required standards and learn a little bit more. They know how to find solutions and think differently!

5. The University of Oxford

It should not surprise you that we have another British entry on our list because the British education style has been known to be excellent for decades! Still, in terms of global employability, Oxford is good because it instantly offers students several choices to start with their career work even as the students. It means that you do not have to be alumni to start since you create your CV and a list of recommendations as you study and accomplish something. It also includes cover letter help, internship opportunities, and the various workshops that help to improve one’s skills. According to the reports by the University of Oxford, the majority of their graduates could get employed or continue their education six months after their leaving. Only 8% of Oxford students were busy with things like taking time out to travel and have some rest, while only 4% were looking for employment.

The other five entries go as follows:

6. The University of Tokyo

If this entry from Japan surprises you, it is one of those colleges that stand out even in global terms due to their disciplined and hard-working students.

7. Stanford University

A great mixture of community, research, lab facilities, and internships makes it one of the best choices for those that seek specialists with soft skills and dedication.

8. The University of Toronto

As Canada’s premier university, it offers various innovative courses and meets the demands of the current and future social agendas.

9. The National University of Singapore

While it is famous for its IT and Data Science courses, this great educational institution is also chosen for social work and the use of English as the primary language, which makes it a great mixture of both the Eastern and the Western worlds.

10. Yale University

Although it is ranked at number ten, it is hard to underestimate the role of its scientific impact all over the world, which makes it a safe choice among the world’s top employers.

Even if your university has not made it to this list, it does not mean that it is not good enough. Ask around and look for internship options, talk to your academic advisor, think about scholarships, and never ever stop looking for opportunities. Remember that your chance to succeed and find employment may well be around the corner!

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