Guidelines For Writing a Short Essay For Your University Project

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This article covers all the guidelines for writing. Read on to find out. Writing An Expository Essay
How to write a good short essay?
You would need to pick a good topic. Your professor may give you the freedom to choose the topic, or he may ask you to choose a relevant topic. 

Short Essay Topics 

  • Should girls and boys be in separate classes?
  • Are we too dependent on technology?
  • Is death penalty an effective way to reduce crime?
  • Should the voting age be lowered to 14?

Writing Guide

  • Drafting outline or diagram of your essay is important. It will be well-structured. 
  • Once you have picked a great topic, you would need to write a fantastic introduction. Make your introduction appealing as it should grab the attention of the reader. Never start your essay with a boring sentence. 
  • Make sure you are adding subheadings in the short essay to make it reader-friendly. 
  • There should be 5 paragraphs in total. These paragraphs should contain the introduction, body, and conclusion and so on. 
  • The flow of the text should be smooth. It should not look like you are jumping from one point to another. The natural flow makes a text look fantastic. 
  • Always edit, and proof read the article. You never know what mistakes you are making! 

The Template of the Text

  • Introduction

Start off the text by using a quote or an anecdote. You want the short introduction should be the best. The reader will not read the entire text because they may have to check other papers as well. Give the best introduction to this piece of writing and think of the great marks you will get! 

  • Body

The body has to have all the facts and arguments that you possess. 

  • Conclusion

What are your final thoughts? Pen them down in short conclusion. Do not be afraid to voice your opinions.  – The Place to Buy Short Essays and Assignments 

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