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Writing a Winning Personal Statement for College

The initial thing in your applicant’s file, aside from a cover sheet which discloses some basic information, is your personal statement for college. It ensures an applicant a wonderful chance to put his best foot forward and give the admissions committee a great initial impression of his individuality. This type of paper enables you to convey your passions, hobbies, and values to the admission officer reading your documents. A conspicuous essay promotes your chances of receiving that fat, lovely acceptance letter. It ought to be well written, concise, and insightful.

What is a personal statement for college?

The personal statement is a set of your ideas and thoughts presenting or communicating your values to a college or university. The main goal of this paper is to prove that you are ready for college-level work and assert something about you that is not obvious from the rest of your submitted documents. In your essay, you communicate directly with the decision-maker and try to leave them with the impression that you are full of potential, an interesting individual with something to add to their institution.

If we talk about online colleges, a personal statement gets even more important. As you are not going to physically attend the college, getting to know the applicant as much as possible is a must, and a personal statement becomes the most valuable factor. A perfectly crafted personal statement at the same time can not only let you enter the online college but even open some financial doors like scholarships or grants.

What to include in a personal statement?

You don’t have to climb Mount Everest or swim the English Channel to make a positive impression in your personal statement . When the simplest achievements or talents are explained with the right words, your chances to be enrolled increase tremendously.

The paper subject matter you will be assigned are general, and you are up to draft about what you want, especially if you pick the “topic of your choice.” It is strongly recommended that you don’t choose something controversial, such as politics or abortion. Often the most trivial, daily themes are the easiest to cope with. Feel free to contact Edubirdie if you need any personal statement writing help.

How long should a personal statement be?

The length of your personal statement for university should be about 500 words and approximately one page. A lot of applicants worry if their essay is 10 words under or 50 words over the limit. College admissions counselors are not sitting counting your words. If it is nearly one page, slightly under or a little bit over, they will read it as long as it is insightful and interesting. The ideal time to prepare an essay is summer between your junior and senior years.

What are the most common questions?

Most colleges keep the same questions for many years, while the rest change them every year or every few years. College applications are usually available starting August, and you can find out the topics of each institution you are applying to unless the college participates in the Common Application or Universal College Application.

The topics on the Common Application are the thesis you write if you use this service, which is free to students. There are currently six topics to select from. You are required to compose a minimum of 250 words on the following prompts:

  1. Indicate a person who has had an essential influence on you.
  2. Describe a character in fiction, a historical figure, or a creative work that has had an effect on you and explain that effect.
  3. Evaluate a paramount experience, achievement, or risk you have had, or ethical dilemma you have confronted and its effect on you.
  4. Illustrate some issues of personal, local, national, or international concerns, and your attitude to them.
  5. Given your personal background, outline your knowledge that indicates what you would bring to the diversity in a college community.
  6. A topic of your choice.

The essay from the Universal College Application is limited to 500 words and the prompt is:

  • Write a personal statement for college that demonstrates your ability to communicate and develop your thoughts and ideas. The ideas include a person you admire, an experience that has changed your life, or your viewpoint on a current event.

The topics on the essays are rather similar and they are broad enough that you can pen about anything. If you don’t want to use the Common Application or Universal College Application, you can simply apply with the college’s own application if it has one.

Top tips for a successful writing process

  • Start brainstorming ideas and information in advance. If you begin to write your paper early enough, you will give yourself time to consider yout thoughts, contemplate them, and reject unnecessary ones.
  • Pick something appealing and original to write about. There is no need to describe something extraordinary, but try to avoid typical experiences presented in a predictable way.
  • Test your ideas. Talk to your parents, friends, and teachers before you sit for your masterpiece. If they seem uninterested, it is a pretty good sign that you need to try something else.
  • Start writing. Sometimes the most difficult part about drafting is getting started. If you have found a topic, but do not know how to put it on paper, try to just start writing. Whatever gets you to move from thinking to writing will be helpful.
  • Grab the reader from the start and don’t leave them until they are satisfied at the end. Your personal statement structure should include an introduction, main part, and conclusion. If your introduction is boring, you will never catch the officer’s attention. If your conclusion is disappointing, you will leave a poor last impression.
  • Do not be afraid of cutting and discarding. If something doesn’t work, you should drop it and try something else.
  • Stick to a point. To get your message across, don’t waste time with distractions. Work toward the ultimate message in every line.
  • Be yourself. Presenting someone other than yourself is the worst thing. A personal statement that is written as hyperbolic or fake will never make a good impression. For the paper to be truly successful, you need your hopes and dreams, your insights and accomplishments.

The majority of students feel stress about their personal statement for university. They find it extremely troublesome to identify a theme and to actually prepare a paper itself. Your essay will be rejected in case it contains incorrect spelling or grammar, awkward word use, or sentence structure. If you are one of them, forget about your fear and tension. We are here to help you right away.

Our main goal is to make your personal statement highlight among other applicants’ papers. With us, composing a strong essay means to show the depth of self-awareness, passion, and a clear path to your future academic life. We can calm your anxiety, improve your writing skills, and provide esssay writing help on time and on target.

Whenever you need education content delivered, you can always rely on to provide information and guidance to help you reach your goals. We are capable of choosing the best tone, creating transitions, and avoiding wordiness and repetition. We know everything about the format, including such exciting topics as fonts and margins. We are the best at demystifying the process of writing an essay — from topic search to final draft, without wasting your time.

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