Best Law Dissertation Topics for University Students

At some point, every student in the UK faces necessity to write a dissertation. This universal need evokes both excitement and terror because on the one hand, it’s a great way to investigate an interesting topic as well as prove your worth, but on the other, it’s a huge responsibility.

Dissertation is a particularly long writing piece dedicated to a specific topic that strives to prove student’s knowledge as well as ability to synthesise and research information.  It’s the only thing that helps get a degree or final diploma. But how to come up with great law dissertation topics?

Law is an immensely popular field. It’s used in all life instances, which is why more and more young people choose to apply to faculties at Cambridge, Oxford, London School of Economics, King's College, etc. Dissertation is their chance to show that they are capable and knowledgeable in their major —in addition, depending on your topic, they either succeed or fail in their future career.   

The Importance of Choosing The Best Topic

There are millions dissertation topics, but theme choice for law dissertation in particular either makes or break success that student has been trying to achieve. There are helpful tips associated with it — for example, the more interesting a topic is on a personal level, the more likely it is to become successful. After all, a student will have to spend months or even years on composing it, meaning that if it’s something that isn’t inspiring in the slightest, results will be similarly dull. It applies both to dissertations and EPQ ideas for law students.

Of course, it might be difficult to find something you’re interested in, but you can always check different law dissertation titles, choosing an area that feels most exciting. It is a very vast sphere that’s divided into many kinds, which in turn are split into millions narrower topics. Check them, select what intrigues you most, and start working! See law dissertation examples lists with topics divided into ten categories below.

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Dissertation Topics Examples

In general, law may be split into ten broad groups. Each presupposes its own peculiarities as well as ideas. So, if you are struggling with coming up with good topics, look through list we’ve composed for you!

Criminal Law Dissertation Topics

  • Legislation about male as well as female rape: how do they differ?
  • What additions does the UK regulations about rape should differentiate between real cases vs. revenge allegations?
  • How may regulations about manslaughter be misused; how to protect victims against such incidents?
  • In what ways can lie detector be beneficial?
  • In what way may an accused of a crime prove that confession has been extracted from him/her by force?
  • Mistrials’  history: why and how has this concept emerged?
  • What factors related to a crime should not be presented to the jury?
  • All ways of protecting crime witnesses from retaliation
  • How did legislation about intentional murder change throughout UK history?
  • Death penalty : history & incidents

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Employment Law Dissertation Topics

  • How did legal code about workers’ legal status change throughout years?  
  • Efficiency of regulations about female vs. male workplace sexual harassment
  • Maternal vs. paternal leaves: differences along with similarities
  • UK workplace equality regulations: is it functional?
  • Which groups of people are still discriminated against in employment sphere?
  • A comparison of crucial employment regulations between UK vs. the USA
  • How may employment contract be tempered with and how to avoid that?
  • Trade unions employment legislation analysis.
  • In which cases laws of dismissal are invalid?
  • Gender differences in employment regulations.

Family Law Dissertation Topics

  • Child abuse signs: repercussions for those who do not report them
  • Child relocation legislation transformations over the years
  • How heavily should child’s desire to stay with one or another parent affect court’s decision?
  • Shared residence peculiarities along with difficulties
  • What conditions might hinder a couple when pursuing divorce?
  • Minimum marriage age limit: is it sufficient or should it be changed?
  • Domestic violence repercussions for males vs. females: differences and similarities
  • Child abuse: rare and ambiguous forms
  • When can law representatives intervene in family’s life?
  • Resources division in divorce process: subtleties as well as possible complications

International Law Dissertation Topics

  • All intricacies of refugee regulation & protection
  • UK & US military cooperation in invading other countries: shared history, possibilities for a future
  • When should country legally intervene into affairs of another region?
  • Internationally wrongful acts: intervention & its consequences
  • What regulations should become international?
  • What international legislation that UK does not use yet should be applied?
  • International & national regulations: what are differences?  
  • What international criminal legal code require corrections & amendments?
  • How do human rights differ in different countries?
  • UK as a peacemaker: actions that government should take in order to address urgent world problems & military conflicts  

Medical Law Dissertation Topics

  • Embryo as a being capable of feelings & sensations: at what stage should abortion be forbidden?
  • Euthanasia together with assisted suicide: should it be legalised? Why?
  • Should male partners sue their female partners for abortion?
  • Amendments required to protect women from forced pregnancies
  • Which hospitals practice discrimination most? Why?
  • Organ transplantation as per guidelines: strengths along with weaknesses
  • Legalising forced sterilisation: who should it target, how should it be enforced, what reasons support its implementation?
  • Medical complications during surgeries: how is a responsible side determined. What legal consequences he or she might face?   
  • Stem cell research: legal code regulating it vs. reasoning for their usage
  • Should judges addressing healthcare legal disputes undergo special education for their decisions to be fact-based as well as relevant?

Immigration Law Dissertation Topics

  • Nationality legislation: what do they mean for immigrants?
  • Under which legal circumstances should immigrants be allowed entrance into the UK?
  • Determining sham marriage & process of verdict appealing
  • Under what circumstances are immigrants assigned status of refugees?
  • Should mentally ill people be given a status of lawful immigrants?
  • What possible violations can occur in legislation pertaining to immigrants in UK?
  • Should immigrants who have not attained permanent residence status, receive life term in prison if they commit a crime?
  • UK immigration vs. emigration: difficulties & similarities
  • Immigrants’ children conceived or born on UK territory: their rights & limitations
  • Rendition & extradition intricacies for immigrants

Commercial Law Dissertation Topics

  • Regulations aimed to stop corruption in UK: benefits or limitations
  • A corporate veil: meaning, history, & implications for the future
  • Companies’ Act amendments: reasons as well as motivations
  • Should corporate governance be oriented towards soft or hard regulations?
  • How can person’s incompetence be determined from legal perspective?
  • What commercial laws should be applied against dishonest managers? If so, why?
  • Commercial partnerships: hidden dangers and their potential results
  • Burdens faced by creditors: discussion from legal perspective
  • Pre-incorporation contracts: what are they or how are they entered?
  • UK commercial laws: what should be changed, discarded, or added?

EU Law Dissertation Topics

  • EU tolerance legislation for UK under Brexit conditions
  • How does EU enforce its regulations in regard to UK?
  • Work regulations  imposed by EU on UK workers
  • How can voting be done for EU-related issues?
  • Legal relations between EU & UK: background or history
  • Equality: differences as well as similarities between UK &  EU
  • EU participation in market stability
  • EU in upholding appropriate human rights situation in a world
  • EU citizens’ rights to move between countries legally
  • Student mobility between EU countries: legal viewpoint

Company Law Dissertation Topics

  • How does Companies’ Act affect outsiders’ rights?
  • Legal duties of  companies’ directors: past, present, or possible future.
  • Limited Liability Partnership Model: is it effective or should it be replaced?
  • In what cases can corporate liability regulations be evoked? What leads to?
  • Companies breaking environmental laws: top legislation breakers & their crimes instances
  • How may force companies to follow environmental standards without breaking other related regulations?
  • What other regulations should be established by environmental legislation for companies?
  • Financial & non-financial drivers of corporate governance
  • Corporate governance role in 2008 crisis  
  • Corporate social responsibility that firms have to follow: terms & regulations

Tax Law Dissertation Topics

  • UK tax history
  • Self-employment and way it is concerned with taxes
  • Freelancers & taxes: legal way to work in an unofficial capacity
  • Tax evasions in UK: most genius offenses and ways they were revealed
  • UK taxes & way they are applied to e-commerce
  • International income taxes & complying with them
  • A comparison between UK & US taxation system from legal viewpoint
  • Evading taxes & counter-actions aimed to identify them
  • Accidental taxation frauds: is it possible?
  • In what cases taxation may be cancelled?

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