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Financial Aid Opportunities for Minority Students

Minorities in the UK have been through a long history of mistreatment and oppression. As for the people of colour, they have always been underrepresented in the educational facilities across the country. The reasons behind this problem are complex, and we are not going to delve too deep into those. Instead, we shall talk about the ways an average minority student can receive financial support and deal with the most pressing issues of student life. As of now, there are around 8% of black students in universities across the UK, with a percentage lowering in more prestigious universities. For instance, there are only 1.5% of black students in Cambridge and 1.2% of black people in Oxford. Financial problems are among the main reasons as to why students of colour are less likely to enrol in such universities, so today, we are going to talk about the ways the representatives of minorities can receive financial aid.

What Is a Minority Scholarship?

Usually, a minority scholarship is a specific program that offers support, mentorship, and financial aid to the students that represent ethnic minorities. This type of scholarship can be provided by a college or university as well as by a specific foundation that specifically aims to help people of colour. Depending on who offers the scholarship and on what conditions, people of colour can apply for it and get that opportunity to get financial aid as well as better opportunities for employment in the future. There are different foundations that target people of colour in various fields of studies, so if you are looking for the scholarship, you need to keep your eyes peeled for the program that is intended for the students in your particular branch. Here, we give you several scholarship programs specifically aimed at helping students of colour to fulfil their dreams.

Claire Prosser Bursary

This is a part of the Journalism Diversity Fund that functions in the UK, providing people of colour with financial help as well as the opportunity to receive a working experience with such top-end news outlets as BBC News, Wire, and Press Association. You can apply for the Journalism Diversity Fund where you’ll have to compete for the bursary with other applicants, and if they do choose you, you will receive 6.000 UK Pounds and an opportunity to work at some of the country’s top news outlets.

George Viner Memorial Fund

This is a memorial fund that is a part of a National Union of Journalists that functions in the UK, providing black and Asian students with the opportunity to receive scholarships and education they need to become some of the most skilled professionals in their field. This fund has been around since 1986 and has since helped hundreds of black and Asian students obtain the education they need and deserve. The idea here is to give learners a chance to study and receive decent career opportunities that would give them a good chance to achieve success in life.

Stormzy Scholarship

This is a new initiative by Cambridge University meant to assist students of African, Caribbean, or mixed origin in receiving financial aid while studying. The total award for each student is worth 18,000 Pounds a year, which is a good amount of money, especially for a student. The program is meant to help the most gifted learners who might experience some difficulties due to their financial status. Sometimes, money can be a barrier on the way to receiving an education, and Stormzy Scholarship aims at bringing that barrier down for the students of colour. To apply for the scholarship, a student of colour has to have a confirmed entry to Cambridge University.

Akindolie Medical Scholarship

This is a scholarship meant to provide medical students of colour with financial aid. The bursary has been established by Funke Abimbola in the memory of her father, a renowned Dr Frank Akindolie. The fund is meant to encourage the youth of colour to study, receive a good education, and become qualified medical professionals just like Dr Akindolie was. To apply for a scholarship, you must be a student of colour studying at one of the UK’s medical schools. The applicants must also have an outstanding academic record as well as demonstrate their history of giving back to society. Basically, you’ve got to prove you are not only an excellent student but also a valuable member of your community.

The Amos Bursary

Amos Bursary is a British student foundation that aims at helping students of colour to receive a quality education and get decent career opportunities in the future. The organisation is highly concerned with the fact that 18% of black postgraduates are unemployed, compared to 10% white students. Because of that, the primary goal of the Amos Bursary is to provide black learners with financial support as well as assist them in finding decent employment opportunities after they graduate. The organisation’s effort to help the graduates of colour with employment might be an even bigger help than actually giving them a scholarship, so it might be a good idea to apply.

Bank of England African-Caribbean Scholarship

Bank of England offers a scholarship program for the students of African, Caribbean, or Mixed background that are willing to join the internship. The program also includes first years and penultima year students of said origins. One of the criteria for admission is having a household income of less than 50,000 Pound per year, and the amount of money provided to the students is 5,000 Pound per year. This is a excellent opportunity for the students of colour as this program also offers future career opportunities and not just money. Applying for the program might be a great opportunity for economics, business, and finance students across the UK.

Wrap Up

These are just some of the many scholarship opportunities for British students of colour. These programs never limit themselves with just one ethnic group and usually target different ethnic minorities across the country. There are scholarship programs in different fields, and as you can see, you can apply for a scholarship in many fields of studies, including journalism, arts, medicine, economics, and more. The main goal of such programs is to help students from disadvantaged communities or ethnic minorities to get an equal chance in life. Of course, to apply and receive a particular scholarship, the students are expected to show excellent academic performance and be active members of their respective communities. So if you are one of such people, it might be a good time for you to try and get that financial aid you deserve.

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