How to Write an Excellent Essay

When we speak about essay writing, we speak about the process of creating a readable piece of work, which is worthy good grades and reviews from your professor.

Hacks on how to write an essay

The idea of creating a good essay sounds difficult for the majority of students. This can be due to the fact that many students do not get the time they need to sit down and find the necessary tips on how to write an essay to get good results. Due to the time constraint, they mostly turn to cheap essay writing service to help them out. We will explore every aspect involved in writing a well-structured essay.

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Starting a paper

There are students that have an inkling of writing essays, but don’t understand how to start an essay. There are many kinds of papers written today:

  • research papers;
  • book reviews;
  • argumentative talks;
  • case study assignments;
  • business proposal papers, etc.

To effectively describe the process, we will use a case study assignment as an example.


Based on the theme, the essay structure of any such task will include an introduction.

There are 2 main tips on how to write an introduction to an essay:

  1. Your 1st few lines can shed light on similar essays that had been done with the same goal.
  2. Keep your intro simple. Leave the main ideas for the body of the case study assignment.

Once you have gotten these highlights settled, it’s time to move on to the main body.

The body of the essay

Here, it’s important to have a well-detailed essay structure. In relating this to a case study assignment, your structure should involve details like the main subjects used for the case study (people, things or events) and the idea behind using these particular subjects for this assignment.

This set of tips can also lend a helping hand:

  1. Your paragraphs should be dedicated to explaining one aspect at a time. Having separate paragraph for every highlight helps reader to relate to every highlight you make. Thus he gets to understand the whole concept and is able to follow it along.
  2. One thing you should note is to avoid vague information. Every informative line should reflect your own choice of words with valid reasons.
  3. If the paper illustrations, they should be indicated using the words ‘above’ and ‘below’ as the picture related to the paragraphs.
  4. It is quite important to stick to the details of the assignment, with little or no deviations.
  5. If the essay is supposed to project results, they should be written in a separate paragraph with a subheading.
  6. Avoid extremely long sentences in the body of your essay. A long sentence has the chance of throwing readers off balance, making it difficult for them to keep up with the topic.
  7. If you are paraphrasing information provided by online websites or journals, it is essential to include citations for the sources. Referencing is important in a case study assignment; it proves the validity of your sources.
  8. Endeavor to use your own words. The idea is to sound professional, but authentic.

Having made all your highlights clear, and written the results, drafting up a conclusion is the last part of writing any type of paper.


The conclusion of any university essay is an important part. Students can lose points for writing conclusions that match neither the introduction nor the text of their paper. The aim of a conclusion is to summarize every bit of information provided in the main text. The concluding part of any essay should focus on the new things learned from comparing the subjects, as well as the possible things obtained results can signal to.

It is also important to create a separate section at the end of any task for every reference that was used. They should be listed and numbered for clarity purposes.

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