Controversial Topics for Speeches and Debates

Writing argumentative research papers, participating in class discussions, taking part in college debates – all these seemingly different activities have one common thing: students should choose controversial topics for each of them. Ability to protect one’s point of view, as well as evaluate pro and against arguments in a controversial situation, is a viable asset every student should gain while studying.

Therefore, we’ve prepared a long topics list for you to train your skills while participating in interesting and entertaining activities.

Choosing Best Topics

There are several important aspects students should consider while choosing their controversial topics for discussion. Here are several questions we suggest you answer before deciding on your topic:

  • What is your purpose? – Your topic choice may differ depending on particular purpose. For instance, if you plan to participate in a tournament in your high school or college debate club, it may be more sound choosing topics that are controversial, relevant, even funny. Participants, as well as audience, would appreciate such choices, as they suggest interesting, entertaining pastime. In argumentative paper writing though, students might choose really complex topics that require considerable research, especially if they have much time for pre-writing research.
  • Who is your audience? – Another aspect that requires clarification and consideration is audience. Topics for high school students will definitely differ from topics for advanced academic community. Similarly, audience may influence particular motions. For instance, college students will discuss vaccination topic in significantly different manner than university students studying medicine. Depending on your audience, you may choose to research different aspects of your chosen controversial topics.
  • Are you personally interested in this topic? – Avoid picking topics that don’t appeal to you. It is always better to participate in discussions and write papers that entertain you or provide insights you consider valuable. Under such circumstances, you are more likely to hold and share your own thoughts along with beliefs.
  • Can you find credible sources? – Either participating in a discussion or writing an argumentative research paper, students should look for strong evidence. Discussions based solely on personal opinions are often either tenuous or too narrow in scope. Source credibility matters a lot as credible sources present information based on research and empirical studies. By citing credible sources, students demonstrate their own preparedness along with awareness about various aspects their chosen topic has.

There is a great variety of topics one may choose from. Therefore, students should narrow scopes of possible discussions by clarifying their purpose, audience, personal interests, and credible sources. By doing so, they will ensure relevance of discussed information, turning discussions into entertaining activities that are interesting for participants along with audience.

Controversial Topics List

We’ve prepared more topics among which students may choose those they find most appealing. They are united into categories to make a choice easier for you.

Controversial Debate Topics

  1. Mandatory vaccination benefits society in general and individuals in particular.
  2. Living in a surveillance society: can people choose between safety and privacy?
  3. There are still tensions between religion and society.
  4. Quality of education determines one’s future success in employment.
  5. Should schools introduce monetary bonuses for students with highest scores?
  6. Do social media promote healthy lifestyles?
  7. Should students study social responsibility as a school subject?
  8. Is euthanasia a form of suicide? Is it appropriate to legalize it?
  9. Is obesity an individual or a social problem?
  10. Is it sound to legalize prostitution?

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Controversial Speech Topics

  1. Citizens should be able to visit national museums for free.
  2. Experience of volunteering can benefit students in their future careers.
  3. People are responsible for preserving animals that are under extinction threat.
  4. People should not be allowed to live together before official marriage.
  5. Royal family can have more political power in the UK.
  6. Religious organizations should pay taxes.
  7. Forbidding commercial advertisements at schools.
  8. Every student should learn at least one foreign language while completing education.
  9. Developed countries are particularly responsible for protecting rare species and animals under threat of extinction.
  10. Impacts of stereotypes on cross-cultural communication.

Controversial Topics for Discussion

  1. Is optimism beneficial or harmful?
  2. How free market affects national employees?
  3. Is it sound to make computer science a compulsory discipline?
  4. Do fairy tales help raise a good person?
  5. Making food producers stop adding sugar to their products.
  6. Should the UK government invest more in railroads?
  7. What is more effective: further restriction by law or legalization of marijuana?
  8. Is Chinese healthcare better than British healthcare?
  9. Is multiculturalism beneficial for the UK or not?
  10. Under what circumstances it is possible to make internet free for everyone?

Controversial Funny Topics

  1. Mars colonization can solve the issue of overpopulation on Earth.
  2. Men are smarter than women.
  3. Introverts can become more successful in business than extraverts.
  4. Should all people become vegetarians?
  5. Should human cloning be allowed?
  6. What is the best season of the year?
  7. Is it better to be popular and attractive than smart and intelligent?
  8. Bad decisions always bring valuable experience.
  9. Is laughter the best medicine?
  10. Texting is harmful for interpersonal communication.

Controversial Topics for Teens

  1. Movies are more entertaining than books.
  2. Should teachers use computer games for educational purposes?
  3. Do modern media support or limit people’s right to free speech nowadays?
  4. People’s moral values are influenced by their communities.
  5. Serving fast food at schools: pros and cons.
  6. How should juvenile offenders be treated?
  7. Do modern social media contribute to people’s socialization?
  8. What effects will homework ban have on student learning?
  9. Are single sex schools better than co-ed schools?
  10. Beauty pageants and their impacts on participants and audience.

Controversial Topics on Science

  1. Renewable energy sources are a viable substitution to fossil fuels.
  2. Genetically modified foods and their impact on human health.
  3. Is genetic engineering a blessing or a curse?
  4. Nowadays society can completely ban plastic bags.
  5. Stem cells applications in medicine: do benefits overweigh costs?
  6. Impact of robots in manufacturing on human employment opportunities.
  7. Technology is a connection point or a framework that enhances people’s social isolation?
  8. What is more important space exploration or ocean exploration?
  9. Can artificial intelligence represent any threat to humankind?
  10. Corporations keeping scientific discoveries as a secret: should they be allowed to do so?

Controversial Topics on Current Events

  1. Should people stop buying water and other beverages sold in plastic bottles?
  2. Is it appropriate for government to determine internet content to which citizens can have access?
  3. Punishing convicted terrorists with death penalty: is it morally acceptable or not?
  4. What effects will a free trade area with European Union have on British workers?
  5. Is it morally acceptable to use genetic engineering for producing three-person babies?
  6. Should gay families have same rights as traditional families in the UK?
  7. Can people reverse climate change?
  8. How developments in synthetic organ transplanting will change the future of healthcare?
  9. Can all nations all over the world abolish nuclear weapons altogether?
  10. Are developing nations primarily responsible for protecting animal species that are under threat?

Don’t Know How to Start – Ask Professionals

Controversial speech topics often require students to conduct extensive research, use their critical thinking skills, and apply numerous persuasive speaking and writing tactics to make their arguments strong enough. While these activities undeniably transform into personal assets students can use in their future careers, they are time and energy consuming.

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