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The world has encountered one of the worst quarantines in recent history. Both colleges and the students have to seek new ways to make the most out of academic curriculums and the learning process. Self-isolation made people change their daily schedules and responsibilities. Quickly turning to distance learning became the only solution to continue providing quality instruction in a digital medium. Online colleges offer a way to keep within a personal timetable while learning at one’s own pace, no matter where she is located.

Online Universities Rating Factors

Every person dealing with a college education has specific requirements and academic goals. Being the best or prestigious remains a subjective matter. It makes it fairly challenging to fit every student’s request. QS World University Rankings set the education standards all over the world, yet such lists rarely tell about why they have made particular choices. Therefore, two lists have been included. The first one is based on QS World University Rankings and popularity. Another list is our personal selection of affordable online education choices. There are accessible college platforms that are meant to work in a digital medium and universities that have no limitations for distance learning. We tried to find a perfect balance between prices and education quality.

Top 5 Best Online Colleges in the UK

One of the largest British universities that offer various online courses that are equal to on-campus degrees that an average student could receive. Flexibility and a plethora of scholarships for distance learning enrollment are its main advantages. According to QS Rankings in 2020, the University of Edinburgh takes 20th place. It offers online courses ranging from Medicine & Health to Arts, Design, and Architecture. Speaking of World’s University Rankings, it is 30th; something to consider for your future degree. In addition to its flexible curriculum, this institution offers exclusive discounts and scholarships for students who are willing to start with relevant research work.

27th place in QS Rankings list and the world’s 55th University in terms of quality, the volume of research, and collaboration services. It offers numerous online degrees mostly related to Medicine & Health and Business and Management. Special onboard video instruction, weekly research seminars where students can ask questions and communicate within the academic circle and much more. The enrollment process may seem complicated, yet the only major point to consider is a choice of your academic schedule.

Ranked 8, according to the QS University Rankings in 2020, it is also 15th in the World University Rankings. MSc and MBA degrees in Neurology, Sports, and Education bring online teaching to a new level. It is not easy to get enrolled in online courses. The same rules of application are valid, meaning that a student has to write a letter of intent, show excellent academic skills, and pass the IELTS exam.

If you plan to study Philosophy, Food Science, Archaeology, or connect your life with History or Healthcare, King’s College is your choice. Ranked 33 in the QS Rankings list, it prides itself with the variety of offered subjects. However, online courses are quite costly because they also cover several lab visits and partial accommodation in certain cases, which means that one has to be an exchange student or a UK resident to get enrolled unless specified otherwise.

Still in the top 100. It is safe to include this university as it offers sixteen online courses focusing on Humanities, Applied Linguistics, Theology, and English studies among other subjects. Based on collaborative research and an online interaction system, this university walks the extra mile to deliver the best instruction style and create a true campus environment.

Top 10 Affordable Online Education Universities in the UK

A lot of students look for prestigious university degrees or world famous names. Yet, it cannot be denied that plenty of them prefer affordable online colleges that provide a required amount of academic credits and a high level of instruction.

An excellent business school with a Silver ranking TEF Award, which stands for Teaching Excellence Framework. The university offers online programs in Business Management and Law. It has been accredited by the famous Chartered Management Institute, which is a great future career benefit for the students. Since a lot of courses are fully available online, applicants can choose among International Marketing, Leadership, and Human Resource Management, or even approach MSc in Global Accounting!

Famous for being one of the UK’s top innovative universities, this entry is a great choice for international students.The university offers flexible online learning courses and is a member of the Russell Group, which provides students with outstanding scholarly research opportunities. The courses include LLM in Energy and Environmental Law, MSc in International Business, as well as Public Administration Degrees and Public Sector Services programs.

One of the most affordable online colleges for international students that uses simplified English instruction due to its international presence. Westford University College fully embraces the impact of globalisation and the current quarantine situation all over the world. It has an academic presence in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, UK, and Asia, making it a great choice for those who have no opportunity to study abroad. The list of online courses includes Business Management, Technology, Leadership, Political and Social Sciences.

Here is the case of a university working hard to create a powerful online learning platform. It lets students earn a postgraduate degree without affecting their family life or professional career. Offering Human Resource Management, MBA, Political Science, English Literature, and Sociology programs, the university focuses on global accessibility and simplicity of education. Based on collaboration with students and professors from all over the world, it offers a unique experience.

A list of online colleges would be incomplete without at least one entry that focuses on international students who want to learn English or any other language for their future career and a degree. This online platform has native tutors and personalised interactive experience. It offers English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, or even Swedish. The best part about it is that it provides specific courses tailored to a student’s academic needs.

London’s famous School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine offers a unique academic experience for students from all over the world. Keeping along with the technology, it now includes distance learning courses. Receiving the University of the Year award from the Times Higher Education, the university has Public Health, Global Health Policies, Epidemiology, Demography and Health, and Infectious Diseases programs among many others. If you already have prior academic experience in Healthcare, you may continue with your education here.

One of the online college courses that provide online training in a home environment for undergraduate and postgraduate students. This UK-based platform offers courses in Business Management, Marketing and Supply Chain Management, Tourism & Hospitality, Human Resource Management, Leadership, and Strategic Management, Organisational Sciences, Marketing, Project Management. There also are Accountancy and Finance studies and Law programs that are taught in a clear and accessible way.

Creating value for organisations and economies, this online institute is an excellent source of economics, businesses, and society courses. If you are looking for a career and employment in the HR field, look no further as this institution has everything it takes to learn human resources management and social sciences in a proper way.

A prestigious and affordable online attendance British college that offers degrees in Engineering, Construction, English, Business Management, and CDP. If you are looking for a NESOL language certificate or plan to approach Contract and Commercial Management, the quality and value of these online courses cannot be underestimated. Focusing on technology and globalisation, the lecturers make the most out of distance learning and online interaction, making it a perfect choice for modern learners.

If you want to build a career in Fashion, Art, History, or Mechanical Engineering, consider Leeds Beckett University. Choose Travel Business Management, MBA, or Arts, and it is guaranteed that you receive graduate employability as you receive your diploma. A proud owner of the TEF Silver Award, this university also offers international volunteering careers and various scholarship options.

What are Online Degree Scholarships in the UK?

Considering British legislation and work permit options, earning a scholarship is a great option, especially if one is considering an online course. If you are from a developing country or apply for social sciences, simply contact the college or university to find out more and see the ways your education can be funded. Alternatively, you may receive special discounts or additional language learning help. In certain cases, some scholarships are awarded in the middle of an academic year if a student shows determination and readiness to participate in research projects or remote volunteering services.

Distance Learning Scholarships in the UK

The University of Edinburgh offers unique numerous online learning scholarships, including:

  • Edinburgh Global Online Learning Masters Scholarships

    The university provides up to twelve scholarships per year, covering all tuition fees and academic expenses. You can find the full list of countries available to apply for the program by following the link above. As it is always the case, the scholarship is awarded based on academic merit.

  • Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships for Developing Countries

    This option is for students from the least developed or lower than middle-income Commonwealth country. The award covers full tuition fees and all that may be necessary to receive a Master’s degree in the UK as a distant learner.

  • Hoffman Foundation Online Scholarship

    Offered by the University of People. This online scholarship is for students that major in Business Administration or Computer Science programs from all over the world. It provides an opportunity to earn an accredited academic degree if a student shows due motivation and fits within eligibility requirements. It is also available for Syrian refugees or current asylum seekers under special academic conditions.

There are degree-specific online scholarships that will require a student to start with their academic research in a relevant field. Here are several scholarship examples:

  • Clinical Management of Pain Scholarship

    It is provided by the Department of Anaesthesia, Critical Care, and Pain Medicine. Currently, each scholarship provides a one-time tuition payment of £815, which covers most of the tuition fees required by the university. As an applicant, a student must pass a brief interview and fill in the online scholarship application form, which can be found here.

  • Richard Davidson Scholarship Award

    It offers two separate scholarship options for students who aim to complete the Global Food Security & Nutrition Online to receive a relevant PG Certificate. It is equal to one-year PG Diploma and MSc with 60 academic credits. The scholarship lasts only within a single academic year. The students will have to answer five questions when applying to get into the short-list, then be ready for an interview.

We believe that good education should be available to everyone and doesn’t always have to come at an enormous price. Choosing an online course can be challenging. Whether you prefer the sound-name university or a more affordable alternative, we wish you good luck.

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